What is Slot Pragmatic and how to play?


There are lots of myths and misconceptions about online slot machines like Slot Pragmatic, and it would be in your best interest to learn about them so you can protect yourself, and at the same time enjoy them even more.

Myth No.1 – Another player hit the jackpot; that would have been you if you kept playing and not logged off

Here’s the truth — you can never tell who will win in online slots. The website calculates and re-calculates the numbers even if no one is playing the game. When you click on Play, the RNG (random number generator) code in the website will pick out a combination at the same time. You will be given completely different chances every time that you play, so there’s no telling if the next round will be a bust, or if you will win the jackpot.

For instance, let’s say you and another player from another country happen to click on play at almost the exact time, you were just quicker by a fraction of a second. It is very unlikely, and maybe even impossible, that the two of you got the exact same results. So, don’t feel sorry for yourself if another person playing Slot pragmatic hits the jackpot, it just wasn’t your time.

Myth No.2 – You can tell the odds of winning by counting the symbols on each wheel

The online slot machine’s RNG generates a unique number corresponding to the symbols in each wheel. Some people believe that they can calculate their odds of winning by counting the number of symbols in each wheel, and finding the probability of a winning combination popping up. However, unlike the old, analog slot machines, modern ones, including online ones, utilize virtual stops. This means that it will be almost impossible for anyone to tell their chances of winning.

Myth No.3 – The online casinos can change percentage payouts on a whim

Not only is this highly unethical, it is also illegal to do so. Online slots use preset values to determine the percentage of their payouts. If the online casino operator were to suddenly change the payout, he would need to dive into the code and change it from there, which is just plain too tedious. In any case, protect yourself by checking the payback before you start playing; if the slot machine has lower than 95% payback then just ignore it and look for something else.

Myth No.4 – If a machine has not been played in a while, it is much easier to win the jackpot

As mentioned earlier, each spin of online slots produce a random number that will decide whether or not the player wins. The length of time between plays will not influence what kind of number the RNG generates. You will have the same chances of winning regardless of whether the machine has not been played in months, or if people are lining up to use it.

Now that you know about the common myths and misconceptions that many people have about online slots like Slot Pragmatic, you can start playing and enjoying yourself.