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How to differentiate between real and fake online slots

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The internet has clearly revolutionized how we play casino games such as slots. With today’s modern technology, you can easily play your favorite slot games whenever and wherever you want. This includes playing the classic three slot, five slots, and progressive slots with real money.

Unfortunately, the rise of online casinos has also led to many fake slots appearing online. While there are many genuine slots like slot joker 123, you still need to be wary of those fake ones. But how can you spot fake online slots? There are actually many ways through which you can spot fake online slots. In this article, we will be discussing how you can differentiate between a real and a fake online slot: 

How to spot fake online slots?

The easiest way to spot a fake online slot is by comparing it with other authentic software like slot joker 123. You can easily see the differences if you know the game well. In case you’re not familiar with either of the software, here’s a trick you can try – open the original slot from the most reliable website, and open the suspected website in another tab. Now, slowly compare the two, and the difference will be clear as day.

Tons of Glitches and Bad Graphics

A fake online slot will never be able to do as good of a job as a real online slot. They simply don’t have the experience or skills to create an exact copy. As a result, you will see a lot of glitches with the game. The graphics will also be quite noticeable since they can’t put in the same level of work. 

Some of the stuff you’ll notice in a fake slot is a shaky screen, multiple reloads, slow loading, etc. If you experience any of these with your online slot, it’s better to stay away from them and find some authentic online slots.

Some other indications of a fake online slot:

No RTP: When it comes to a real online slot, you will see a lot of transparency. This means that you can find out a game’s RTP, which refers to the return to player percentage. If an online slot does not reveal their RTP, they are probably fake.

Loading screen: When you load an authentic online slot, the loading screen will display a clear logo of the developer. This is true with every authentic online slot, including slot joker 123. Moreover, the loading time should also be very less. However, if you see an online slot with a slow loading screen and no logo, they are probably fake and should be avoided at all costs.

Reel Drop: In an authentic online slot, the reel drops are usually very smooth and simultaneous. This is because they use the best mechanisms for their slots. However, with fake online slots, you will see a reel drop that occurs one by one and not simultaneously. If that’s the case with the online slot you’re playing, you should try to rethink your options.