Can you cheat in an online casino?



In a country like Singapore, where casinos are a total favorite, winning can be a feeble thing. As such, you might be looking for a shortcut in online casino Singapore as a gamer. That will make your journey of gambling more convenient, and hence, better victories.

The pursuit of cheating should be considered as low superiority. You will know it when you think of it as the owner of a casino who’s trying to earn a profit but losing it all to casino cheaters.

Bonus Abuse in online casino

Bonus Abuse is supposedly the easiest and most used cheating trick in an online casino. Just how its name determines, it refers to the abuse of signup bonus offers. Since a bonus is meant to be taken benefit from, most players don’t consider it as cheating in any way. Also, people justify it as being under the terms and conditions themselves.

For instance, let’s take the $20 sign-up bonus you receive as an incentive to sign up. Such bonuses are usually given as free chips and credits in the overall deposit. Bonuses are of two main types: cashable and non-cashable. Cashable bonuses can be taken out in cash when wagering requirements are met. In contrast, non-cashable bonuses cannot be taken out in cash and have another sub-category: sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses.

What is the wagering amount?

It’s a rule set by the casino regarding the specific amount needed before you are permitted for a cash-out. You can reach such a wagering requirement after crossing the multiple deposits done along with bonuses.

Let’s take an example: when you begin with a $500 deposit and $500 bonus, what you have is $1000 in hand. Assuming the wagering requirement to be 20X, you have to make $20,000 in bets to cash out after that.

For non-cashable bonuses, you cannot cash out the bonuses. You can only cash out those that are not your bonus or beyond that. A sticky non-cashable bonus cannot be taken out in the form of cash in any way, but one can surely gamble using it.

Multiple accounts

Although rare, cheating using the technique of multiple accounts happens. The idea of this one is signing up for multiple accounts and taking advantage of sign-up bonuses as much as possible. No deposit bonus can quickly be taken advantage of to its fullest through various fresh accounts. And it is accurate that casinos run a massive loss due to this reason.

It is also worth mentioning that one cannot grow super-wealthy using this technique, as casinos allow limited cash-out. But again, since you are losing nothing or risking any amount, you have nothing to worry about. Also, you will need to pull your cleverness together to create an array of Fake identities.


Cheating is very, very hard in an online casino, even if it exists. And likely, most of you will be failing with it. As online casinos invest millions of dollars building their business, they also make sure that no cheating practice is ensured.